Specialty Drinks: 


    Flying Dutchmen    $5.00

The legend of the ghostly ship condemned to wander the oceans forever has inspired this cocktail made with Jamaican Rum, fresh lemon, lime, and basil accompanied by sours and cane sugar.  

    Crusader    $5.00

Take the Crusaders’ Vow with Vodka, a fresh lemon wheel, Pure Cane Sugar, Fresh Basil, Muddled w/ Sours and a splash of soda. 

    Godfather    $4.75

A perfect blend of Scotch and Amaretto served on the rocks. 

    Godmother    $4.75

The way that Auntie likes- Vodka and Amaretto over ice.  

    Godchild    $4.75

Vodka, Amaretto, and Cream poured over ice and shaken until frothy.